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Go further. Get there faster. Equine Physio Performance aims to provide optimal sports recovery, improve functional performance and minimise any risk of injury in high equine sports level. Due to the latest scientifically proven advances in equine sports physiotherapy I have developed an innovative and personalised program to improve the physical capabilities of your horse’s performance, so you can unleash its full potential and achieve your goals. Don’t let any obstacles stand in the way of achieving your goals.


Laser class IV is an amazing device to stimulate nerve regeneration, providingrelaxation to the muscle fibres and decreasing pain and inflammation.

Most efficient and immediate physiotherapy treatment to relax damaged muscle fibres. It promotes fast muscle regeneration and decreases local and radiated pain.

Analgesia induced by transcutaneous or percutaneous neurostimulation. This fantastic device aims to relieve or block chronic and acute pain

The use of controlled electrical stimulation allows the muscle to restore its own motor control and facilitates joint stabilisation.

This physiotherapy technique helps the stimulation of neuromuscular pathways. Improves muscle motor control and your horse’s balance as well as improving the range of joint movement.

The aim of this therapeutic manoeuvre is to stretch shortened soft tissue structures and regain the range of joint mobility.

CBD is fast becoming a breakthrough therapy ailments like Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, and so much more.

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