This physiotherapy technique helps the stimulation of neuromuscular pathways. Improves muscle motor control and your horse’s balance as well as improving the range of joint movement.

Equine Physio Performance bases its neuromuscular bandage techniques on the application of therapeutic elastic or inelastic adhesive strips, whose objective is to stimulate neuromuscular pathways to increase afferent responses. Sensory receptors can facilitate more appropriate neuromuscular responses and therefore motor muscle activation to improve control, joint stabilization and consequently improve the range of joint mobilisation without producing limitation in other movements.

In other cases,these techniques can be used to facilitate the reabsorption of bruises or lymph issues and give elasticity to scars.The basis of this technique is to stimulate the mechanceptors and increase space over the inflamed area or edema in order to decrease pressure, normalise blood circulation and thus also lymphatic drainage.

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