Alba Lozano

Fully qualified international equine physiotherapist

Permitted Equine Physiotherapist by FEI

fully quialified international equine physiotherapist

My legacy is always to ensure that I am offering the most superior current treatment in the world

Passionately dedicated to helping horses achieve their full potential and optimum mobility


  • My name is Alba Lozano and I am pleased to meet you. I founded Equine Physio Performance to offer High Performance Riders and Horses improvement in their comfort movements; to ensure prevention of possible injuries arising from biomechanical stress; and offer the maximum level of recovery on musculoskeletal injuries using the latest clinically endorsed advances.
  • Equine Physio Performance is currently based in Spain but I can travel to wherever my experience is needed by the client.

    During the rehabilitation plan and depending on the specific needs of each horse, I offer a post-injury retraining plan aimed at recovering the muscle functionality (always according to the discipline of the horse), as programs to improve muscle performance help to minimise the risk of future relapse. These plans are always carried out with the Owner/ Trainer, trusted Veterinarian, Farrier and Nutritionist.

    I was privileged to be part of the team as an Equine Physiotherapist in Melbourne (Australia), Tucson (US), Toronto (Canada), as well as the Official physiotherapist of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour during 2016-2019 and to be a Physiotherapist in different Global Champions Tour and World Nations Cup.


  • Degree in Physiotherapy specialized in Sport by Gimbernat University Schools, Barcelona. Spain.
  • Master in Horse-Assisted Physiotherapy by Gimbernat University Schools, Barcelona. Spain.
  • Master in Equine Physiotherapy byGimbernat University Schools, Barcelona. Spain.
  • Course in Dry Puncture by Fisiofocus.
  • FEI Equine Physiotherapist with number 10201712.
  • Collegiate physiotherapist with number 10795 by The Catalan College of Physiotherapists.
  • Member of the Spanish AEFA Association.
  • Fluent English speaker
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