Dry needling is the most efficient and immediate physiotherapy treatment available to relax damaged muscle fibres. It promotes fast muscle regeneration and decreases local and radiated muscle pain.

Dry needling is an innovative physiotherapeutic technique that uses acupuncture needles to treat myofascial pain syndrome, among other ailments. To understand how valuable this technique is, you need to know what theMyofascial Pain Syndrome is and what causes it.
Basically,it is ahyperirritable nodule or spotlight within a tense band on a muscle (set of fibres within the muscle with greater tension than the rest); these are painful to local compression and can cause associated pain and motor dysfunction.

They appear when sarcomeres (areas of muscle fibres where muscle contracts) are permanently in contraction by the continuous release of Acetylcholine, which does not allow the fibresto relax and decreases blood flow. Therefore, the basis of this technique is to destroy the motor end plate to reduce the continuous secretion of acetylcholine and stimulate the muscle receptor (neuromuscular spindle). This provides by reflex action the relaxation of damaged muscle fibres with an increase in elasticity, faster regeneration and immediate release of local and associated pain; even after only 24-48 hours of practicing the technique.

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